KLG Comments on Solar & Net Metering Program Changes

Drawing on its significant experience with solar project development, KLG recently submitted comments on the Massachusetts SMART program to point out some of the potential practical difficulties with the project segmentation rule proposed in the regulation issued by the Department of Energy Resources in June 2017.  KLG believes the rule would create unnecessary barriers to solar project development on contiguous parcels of land.

KLG also recently offered its expertise through comments on straw proposals presented by the Massachusetts DPU in DPU 17-22 to create certain blanket exceptions to the so-called "Single Parcel Rule" adopted by DPU in 2012 to enforce net metering facility size limits.  KLG has assisted many clients in understanding the Single Parcel Rule and, where necessary, seeking relief from the rule to allow projects that seemed in step with the Commonwealth's net metering and solar energy policies.  KLG is hopeful that, with some modifications, the straw proposals will streamline the process of securing exceptions for worthy projects while guarding against gaming of the net metering program rules.


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