NECEC Legislative Round-up

Last week's NECEC legislative round-up program -- attended by KLG's Courtney Feeley Karp and Jonathan Klavens -- confirmed that, despite a rocky legislative session in Maine and a disappointing failure to override Governor LePage’s vetoes, clean energy continues to make progress in legislatures throughout the Northeast.

The Massachusetts legislature, nearing the end of the first year of its two-year legislative cycle, is poised to begin taking action on clean energy issues ranging from increasing the RPS requirement, adopting carbon pricing, clarifying clean energy property tax exemptions, and of course, the perennial favorite, increasing or removing caps on net metering.  Hearings on some of these issues have already occurred but the bulk of the renewable energy bills will be heard this fall.


For further information about these matters, please contact Courtney Feeley Karp at or 617-502-6284 if you are interested in learning more about any of these issues or how you may submit testimony or otherwise participate.


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