Sustainable Agriculture & Food Ventures

Klavens Law Group: Sustainable Agriculture and Food VenturesOur practice serves a wide range of endeavors relating to sustainable agriculture and food. From project development to product development, we take great pleasure in representing farmers, food entrepreneurs and sustainable food system supporters who are starting, building or operating for-profit businesses, nonprofit ventures, cooperatives, investment funds and other enterprises. Our farming clients are often developing tangible projects on their land such as solar energy installations, wind energy projects, compost facilities and anaerobic digesters.  Other clients are focused on the development or distribution of products that enhance soil health, such as soil manufacturers, natural fertilizer makers, land-appliers and compost producers.

Our attorneys have also represented food cooperatives, food product developers, caterers and restaurants, as well as food waste collectors, FOG (fats, oils and grease) haulers and economic development organizations interested in supporting ecologically and economically sustainable regional food systems.

Legal services we provide to the sustainable farming and food sectors include:

  • start-up and ongoing outside general counsel to emerging and established companies
  • project counsel services for on-farm energy production and resource recovery efforts that benefit host farms and surrounding communities
  • advice and assistance with nonprofit and food cooperative matters
  • advice on land use and permitting, real estate, financing and construction matters
  • assistance with planning, negotiating and documenting mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic transactions
  • representation on teaming agreements, memoranda of understanding, letters of intent, as well as project and deal structure matters
  • development and negotiation of product sales contracts, distribution agreements, and product manufacturing contracts
  • advice on product liability matters
  • assistance with hauling and transportation matters and land application projects